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After years of gaining experience in the automotive industry, in 1992 Hans Pos sr. took the step of starting the company ‘Pos Service Holland’, specialised in starter motors and alternators. Quality products, competitive pricing and high class service distinguished PSH and the stock of starters and alternators expanded.

What started as a small business with only some stock lots quickly grew into an international trading company with an extensive range of OE parts.

By participating in the international trade market, the once so small company had the opportunity to explore the emerging production market of rotating electrics in other countries, among China. Getting closer to production gave us the opportunity to develop our own private label of starters and alternators.

After the production had started, it was time to come up with a suitable name for our private label. It started all as ‘Pos Line’, named after Hans Pos sr. ‘Pos’ was quickly seen as an abbreviation of positive and evolved in the final result +Line: Short, recognisable and of unprecedented positive quality.

Quality starters and alternators:
The products of the +Line are developed and produced following strict requirements and under our supervision, which leads to a quality product with very competitive prices.

Before distributing the units of the +Line worldwide, they are tested thoroughly using the test equipment of the brand Motoplat.

In order to continue to guarantee the quality of our products, with some types of units we decided to replace certain wearing parts that do not meet our requirements with aftermarket brands such as Bosch, Mitsubishi and Valeo. These units are offered under the name +Line Pro.

A free wheel pulley extends the life span of the belt drive and helps to reduce friction loss, caused by a slipping belt and is therefore an essential part of an alternator. With this reason, we equip as many +Line alternators as possible with a free wheel pulley of the brands INA, Litens or Zen.

Extensive stock:
To meet market demands and to also provide the latest cars with a new starter or alternator, the +Line range is extended monthly.